Digital Learning Initiative

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Digital and Traditional learning model a bended approach

This framework is blended with digital and traditional learning. This makes student a self learner and develops domain knowlege and communication skills. Thus makes the student fit for the industry. In sort , makes student ready-to-get-employment.

Sharpen the student

As on today, most of the students from the Engineering colleges are not able to meet the industry needs. This is on account of communication skills and application of the academic knowledge to the real world. This is addressed by focusing on the continuous improvements in four area. They are : (i) Academic (ii) English Communication (iii) Personality Development (iv) Skills as per job requirements.

DigyWood Framework For Engineering Colleges

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  • A new way of learning process to enable the students employable.
  • Very effective and very easy to implement without changing existing structures.
  • Would have immense relief on faculty issues such as availability and capability.

Recruitment Services:

  1. Campus / Off-Campus recruitment drives would be arranged from reputed organizations.
  2. Eligibility for the recruitment process would be a) Score on DigyWood framework right from the first test b) Score on DigyWood Periodic Assessment Test c) Score on Pre-recruitment test d) Academic Track.
  3. Industry looks for the job ready candidates. This framework enables the candidates to match expectations of the industry.

This initiative would provide immense benefit to the institution in terms of very effective educational services delivery and making the student employable.

Solve the student employability problem and be a proud member of the top ranking educational institutions.